IntraCal is a high quality form of calcium orotate and magnesium orotate


Some Facts on Calcium and Magnesium.
The normal calcium level in the blood stream is 8.6 to 10.3 milligrams per deciliter (10 milliters) and the magnesium level is 1.6 to 2.5 milligrams per deciliter for adults. This level is around the same for children except for newborns. The dietary requirement or the amount of calcium and magnesium minerals required by the body on a daily basis is 1000 milligrams and 400 milligrams a day. These requirements can be easily filled up by adhering to diet but may not be absorbed into the blood stream as they need to be metabolized, which require a group of enzymes, which are produced by microorganisms present in the small intestines. Calcium and magnesium is not present in the food in the orotate form, but simply exit in the ionic nature, which is a bit difficult for the body to completely metabolize. 

How does Intracal work?
Intracal is prepared in such a combination that the minerals present in them get easily absorbed and is utilized by the body. Usually minerals are absorbed from the small intestines and had to wait there for a considerable period of time until some microorganisms produce the orotatic acid. The minerals then combine with the orotic acid and then gets absorbed. Usually the microorganisms produce very little orotic acid, and only so much is absorbed and the rest of the minerals are excreted out of the body. Intracal containing the orotate, which is a precursor of orotic acid, is combined with calcium and magnesium and exists in the supplement as calcium and magnesium orotate. Orotate is commonly known as "Mineral carrier" and it actually carries the minerals into the blood stream and then into the cells. This combination makes Intracal superior to regular calcium and magnesium supplements.

Intracal and Drug Interactions.
Intracal does not interact with any other drugs as it simply contains mineral supplements. The supplement is not a prescription drug, but medical advise could be of benefit in case of people suffering from serious mineral deficiencies as the dosages need to be increased with regards to the medical condition. Healthy individuals can always the supplement as the body utilizes the minerals completely and effectively.

Side effects and contra-Indications
Any doctor could call Intracal as the one with no side effects at the required dosage as it only contains natural chemicals that are produced in the body and what is required in just the right amounts. People having kidney stones and other metabolic diseases are always not advised to take Intracal or any supplements containing calcium and magnesium.

The main purpose of using Intracal as a dietary supplement is to provide the body with calcium and magnesium, and help the body absorb the supplied minerals effectively.